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The key is to focus on those small changes, and the more you talk about them, the easier and more realistic it becomes to do them again. So everyone can buy from shops in place of cigarettes. I used to smoke and I have advice on dating smoker I love who smoke so I know it's hypocritical but because of the health concerns and the overall grossness of it.

No, sorry, that argument cannot be made, apples with apples, remember? So he was quitting for himself, for health reasons, and doing so gradually. He just kept it veryyyy hidden. I do joke with him that I am taking out a life insurance policy on him when we get married in the next 2 years.

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He had an abdominal aortic anuerysm repaired in November of Nothing is for sure yet as far as advice on dating smoker him, and quite frankly, I would be a fool to even think that it won't bother me, esp when we are close up face to face. It's wrong to think that someone will one day give up something about themself for you when you knew this was a part of them when you got together. It doesn't help that most of her family smokes as well.

I will admit I have said a few things here and there but none of them on how he should cut back or limit how many he smokes. I asked him if they were his and he said he was holding onto them for a friend who was trying to quit.

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I always say that if people could see the grief they left behind because of awful health choices, they would never have made those choice, but I guess thats difficult to see until it happens.

If he can make his own choices widow widower dating sites I feel I can too.

If you can accept him at his worst, then be okay with it. How do you think your boyfriend would feel if you sprayed yourself with the nastiest smelling cologne and tried to cuddle at night? Small changes add up! By the way, I'm curious too A third reason was the money.

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Then give him time to process the conversation. Running became my motivation to remain smoke free. Good luck with your choice. Not sure if I will be able to move forward in moving in together much less marry.

I blame it on growing up with a cloud of smoke around my head because my father was a chain smoker.

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I realized that an ultimatum only produces extra stress, but I suppose I believed the stress of losing me would far outweigh the stress of quitting. Basically, I would tell you not to date a smoker if you don't smoke yourself. You have to want to show up and then keep showing up.