Boat radio hook up Stereo Installation Tips

Boat radio hook up, tip 1: mount the stereo unit for best protection

In addition to the front mounting of the stereo, most stereo units have a mounting stud attached to the back of the case.

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These systems have five main speakers and a subwoofer. The yellow wire the one that must be hot all the time is the wire that feeds a small current to the radio when it is turned off. The wire harness on the back of the reciever has a cluster of wires, all 22 awg. Hinged plastic splash guards can be mounted over the faceplate of the stereo to protect it from splashing and spray.

As far as the relay I plan on using, I am not sure.

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With no power on that wire you will not have a functioning radio. For best results when mounting flush-mounted speakers, some space is needed for air movement behind the speaker. How to install or replace a fishfinder, all the steps you need to this simple DIY electronics project. The last step is wiring and connecting the boat radio hook up to a power source.

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What size relay will you use to connect the two batteries? I also used liquid electrical tape in some instances.

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A bead of percent silicone sealant finishes the job. Once the fiberglass work is done then I will start running the wires so I can hide all the wires neatly behind the sidewalls once they are finished. The main speaker locations are as follows:.

Stage II: The Speakers

We are accustomed to hearing things coming at us from both sides. A speaker is removable and one doesn't need to service a washdown faucet often anyway. Conclusion While mounting a stereo system in a boat may seem much like mounting it in a car, there are significant differences. Never use wood or sheet metal screws on fiberglass.

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The second problem with wiring on a boat is that the atmosphere is highly corrosive, especially if the boat is used on salt water. Then, even if there is corrosion, it cannot get between the solder and the copper of the wire.

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With this wiring configuration, they would produce more volume. Speakers are manufactured in 8-ohm, 4-ohm, and 2-ohm varieties. The black wire is the ground wire, connected to the negative terminal.