Boyfriend is still on dating sites The boyfriend I met online still looks at dating sites

Boyfriend is still on dating sites

I told him I was taking down my match account.

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I never told him i was a virgin the whole time and then it just came out and he was at first mad but then he understood where i was coming from and i kept asking him if he was ok with me not being experienced and he said he was. We were sleeping together, so when I found it I told him I thought it was a great idea — it means we can have an boyfriend is still on dating sites relationship and I can date and sleep with other men, while continuing to sleep with him also. Why some men still keep their online dating profile active.

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However, it was not from his real account. But he would still talk to a few girls he met on okcupid on whatsapp. Although we are ok now but I just feel so helpless. Is He The One? At the very least, this action is a serious sign of disrespect. I need to start looking for a honest guy.

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That you met this chap in the sexual bazaar of online dating only muddies the water further. Im sooo scared to lose this guy and dont know what to think right now. Yes, suspicion can destroy a relationship if it is unfounded. This comment has been flagged. We have great instincts for this sort of thing. If, after a while, you decide you really do want to be with this man, broach the issue of monogamy and have that chat. I recently met someone on Match… We saw each othe twice and are planning to see each other again.

But the thing is we really connected and I dont think anyone can come close.

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I feel sooo played but i dont wanna jump to conclusions and he hasnt contacted me in 2 days and im feeling like he wants to find someone who is way more experienced than i am. Value yourself and find someone who wants you and no one else.

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Confused girl I met my boyfriend on a dating site. I stopped checking his personal accounts and email after we got in a big fight about whether he was cheating on me or not. Any advice welcome thanks! Is online dating even worth it I went in and deleted mine as well!

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He told me he loves me and he said he meant it, and would never cheat on me, and I believed it. Its been 6 weeks no contact. My initial reacton was hurt and i approached him so wrong.

The primary reason to keep an online dating profile active is simple: You will never, ever know what the other person is doing at all times. I was very worried because I knew that as an army soldier, deployment is always imminent.

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You meet someone awesome; start dating, and then suddenly you realize they still have an active online dating profile. He wants something better, or someone else.

It also depends on many factors.