Dating a glock pistol Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup

Dating a glock pistol

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CGU - G - June - 2. Glocks are the most popular pistol in the United States. PJ - GR - - 3rd Gen. LK - G - February - 2nd Gen. So there is no confusing datings a glock pistol as numerals same as automobile license plates.

Is there a quick/easy way to search for Glock date of manufacture by serial number?

FEA - G - December - 2. If I recall correctly, GlockTalk or one of the other specific forums had a crowdsourcing project to identify and track serial ranges to dates purchased or seen in retail channel. JQ - G - - 3rd Gen.

I kinda figured if it was early enough to make it a risk, I'd just pay the extra for a new one or possibly grab an older Gen3 police trade-in.

Glock Born On Date

FDZ - G - - 2. I will be adding Gen4 dating a glock pistol to it shortly.

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UT - G - April - 2nd Gen. CXY - G - November - 2. CGB - G - May - 2. TU - G - January - 2nd Gen. UH - G - February - 2nd Gen. Most importantly, the components of the new firing pin safety system are not australias number one dating website with the components of the old systam and Glock will always strive towards maintaining this feature of interchangability while working to ensure future interchangability.

SF - G - February - 2nd Gen.

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EWW - G - May - 2. Replacement springs will be distinguished by a vertical mark from the center on the front polymer portion of outer ring of the guide rod assembly, which will appear to be a mold line. EXZ - G - August - 2. By LGpso in forum Glock Pistols. CKE - G - July - 2. This chart does not correspond to my Austrian made 26 at all.

DY - G - January - 2nd Gen. Please see following picture to locate the Glock serial barrel number: CWK - G - - 3rd Gen.

Build date of my Glock?

Or to which model it works for. BYD - G - June - 2. Search Forums Recent Posts.

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I apologize, but I just don't have time to property keep this thread up. Glock handguns are semi-automatic pistols with polymer frames, which are plastic frames. The majority of those who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon will likely have a Glock because of its light weight and reliability.

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Nevertheless it does correspond to my G born date. They obviously put untold hours updating the original threads and it's an amazing compilation.