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November 5, at 8: My grandmother was born in so it must have been something her mother already had.

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Unique closures might not have been favored by yesteryears homemaker but they are a hot commodity among today's collector. Like Everything Antiques for more.

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Amazing and humbling to find their histories and imagine all the goodies they once held. April 27, at 8: See if your jar has block letters.

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If you find a jar with an error, find a copy of the Redbook a price guide for fruit jar collectors to determine the age and dating ball ideal jars of the jar based on the error. May 7, at 1: You'll be in love with this easy craft.

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To them…it was just food! If you've got an attic filled with old 'junk' you may have some antique valuables you never knew about. Look for the 3-L logo.

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Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. How can I tell its worth?

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Seams also help determine the age of your jar: She definitely hit it out of the park with this vintage archive. I found it trying to identify some odd jars in a big collection of canning jars I was gifted by a lady who had canned for decades, but is sadly no longer able to.

Color Canning jars come in a variety of colors besides clear glass.

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Sometimes, the very objects you consider useless clutter can be repurposed to create some of most envy-worthy decor.