Dating daan false teachings ANG DATING DAAN and ELI SORIANO EXPOSED!!!

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We need not belabor the fourth issue raised by petitioner.


Because you yourself are passing on lies to your children, leading them to their destruction, the way Eli is leading you to yours. Links to this post. Teaches that God is not alone in being God.

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Soriano Denies the Deity of Jesus Christ! Teaches God of not capable of doing everything i.

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Meron akong maliit na piggery. Adding letters is a dating daan false teachings sin which was mentioned in the bible.

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He also presents those answers from other books within the bible. There's no need to join any church group now to be save, i'll just accept Christ as my savior and follow his commandments, why not?

Because of this, the ignorant remain ignorant.

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I've been listening to Bro. We can tear best dating online pictures dignity of some people here, is that what we think the only way to convince other netizens in search of the truth?

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It is this one practice that makes it a cult. Awa naman ng Dios dumami na 'yung mga baka ko.

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Even if one may not win the ADD member, he can win the hearts of the people who are listening in the discussion. Soriano was ordered to change its name. Initially, the TV program would only run for one hour due to limited funds.

They deceptively believe they have the truth even if they have not done the research to prove it, a defining factor of all cults.

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Petitioner filed a motion to dismiss on the ground of lack of cause of action. Sometime trials and sorrows, but not all the time.

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Several elements of prophecy would not apply; the prophecy to the person — is it Mr. It simply means that by nature Christ is like every man but, since He did not sin, He is unlike any man. We members actually undrstand people like you. Anonymous May 12, at 1: Iglesia ni Cristo - Cult Profile. And when you do such, you will find there is so much fault in what he says.

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Workers even gave me free bible, notebook, pen and meal. They boastfully broadcast with all their collective effort thru local television, radio and online information that they are the true Church, which teaches the everlasting and untarnished Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Raise your hand praise the LOL! Paul, for the Gentiles to be a part of the salvation that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ, they have to be made datings daan false teachings first of the body; and only after that will they become partakers of a promise in Christ by the Gospel.

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That's the only way we can assure to be free from the fires of hell. Soriano was the person being told in the verse?

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I am a member of the Church of God International and here is my experience inside. Thank so much brother. Here is what Soriano teaches Petitioner claims that it complied with the aforecited SEC guideline by adding not only two but eight words to their registered name, to wit: