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Dating picquot ware

In place of the pension he had paid in for for so many years, they gave him the contents of the company petty cash tin. Anton January 27, at 1: I adored the curvy design and I imagined it to be the kind of tea set that might have been used to serve passengers on the Titanic or on a Mallard steam train journey in the s.

Wow, thanks for getting in touch Gail, I love to hear how long people have owned and used their favourite teapots! Cassiefairy January 25, at 9: Hi I have enjoyed reading comments.

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Nancy Liedl August 7, at 1: I read on line that the Scottish picquotware distributor has bought the rights and the moulds to the range. Looks like yours came up good after the cleaning.

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I had a traumatic house move and the packing got rather chaotic. Ken King February 28, at Linda Galloway August 1, at If he ever existed he designed just these items and then faded into dating picquot ware, a very unlikely fate. Anne Vallata April 20, at 8: I just bought a teapot. If this had happened a year or two ago you might have been able to pick up replacement handles from Picquotware UK. Some water marked areas were proving very stubborn.

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One tip, picked up years ago, for cleaning the inside of teapots is to half dating picquot ware it with water, add ordinary washing powder and boil it on a gas ring! Thanks for all the cleaning tips folks, both inside and out! Did you worry about using it more after you researched it and found out that it was particularly old or valuable? Cassiefairy March 6, at 9: An you also told me about it as when I type in New Maid Teaware nothing came up on the net.

The teapot is the best I have ever owned, used daily and never drips why do teapots made 60 years later drip? The accompanying sugar bowl and milk jug are just as chunky, with a good thickness to the walls of the items, although they are nowhere near as thick and heavy as the pot.

Picquot Ware

Lesley March 13, at 9: Annoyingly, he dropped the subject and did not follow up with any suggestions as to what the extra element might have been. Aluminium with roughly 1. Add some boiling water, not too much, about 1 inch or so and let it fizz. Cassiefairy September 15, at I picked up this tube of metal polish from the pound shop. Peter Freeman April 17, at 4: He also told me that I was lucky to have two of the smaller teapots as the mould had been broken and there would be no more of them.

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Thank you so much. Let me know if you are interested. Woodhams March 5, at There used to be a Picquot website but now if you try to go to http: Cassiefairy April 28, at 1: Now there is less chance of it boiling dry or the water boiling for too long.