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Exo kai dating style

Korean media Dispatch answers questions regarding new couple Kai and Krystal. Group f x made their debut first which is three years before group EXO. They used time in between their schedules to meet. We will reveal their date and the story behind their relationship.

They dressed very casually during their dates.

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EXO Kai and f x Krystal are the two lovers. The two met first back in in SM. Their chemistry together is amazing. The spent time together as trainees.

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She laughed brightly as she put on his jacket. But it has only been recent that they have become an official couple.

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Be sure you celebrate Kaistal by streaming all the K-Pop you can find after signing up for unlimited and ad-free music here. The two spent 8 years as friends. But in front of Krystal, he is full of manners. The two had a junior and senior relationship while being close friends. These two are the most chic idols in the industry.

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They matched their hat and glasses. View Gallery View Gallery 12 Photos. Kai is very charismatic on stage. Krystal started her days as a trainee in year while Kai entered SM in They have fallen for each other.

Despite wearing glasses, it was easy for anyone to notice who they were. Kai is considered as a oppa as he was born in January but they remained as friends.

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According to sources, they started having feelings for each other starting this year. It was a sight of a couple being happy about small things.

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The two are famous for loving to eat. Despite the devastating terror attack in lower Manhattan, which left at least eight innocent victims for dead, New Yorkers continued their Halloween celebrations with a smile on their faces. They were featured on fashion magazines together and collaborated often due to their kais dating style in looks and style.

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In midst of their international schedules, they found time to meet each other. And intheir relationship took a different direction with emotions. For example, they used the time after Kai finished his performance in LA on February 16th and when Krystal came back on February 28th from her concert in Nagoya, Japan.