Geek speed dating anime north Anime North. A Geek Festival Like No Other.

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The detail of some of these costumes is remarkable. By Jonathan May 27, Toronto. Con-goers can pick up a controller and play at their leisure or participate in tournaments for prizes.

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Couples that cosplay together, stay together! At the same time, there are rooms where anime is being screened and attendees can come and go at their leisure.

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We came, we saw, we geeked out. You won't be able to vote or comment. Same goes for pictures, if there's already a picture of today's sunset or storm, post your picture as a comment in it, as subsequent submissions on the same subject will be removed. If you have a common question like: This is the core tenet of this sub.

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To put it simply, Anime North is one of the biggest geek parties in Canada. Submit a new link. If that one doesn't work out for you, Nerd Nite is having a speed dating event on June 2. Submissions must be community benefiting. On the second Saturday of every month, with the next one on October 14th at 7: Already have an account?

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Nerd Speed Dating - June 2 Event details will be posted soon! Nothing could be further from the truth. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Lol, I have yet to see what I've gotten myself into, this time.

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Be excellent to each other. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. All standard reddit rules apply. The programming is jam packed with stuff to do some of which I already mentionedbut honestly my favourite part of the convention was simply wandering around and looking at all the costumes.

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Do yourself a favour and go visit one for a day. At the Sheraton hotel, the theme is videogaming, There are rooms and rooms dedicated to nothing but videogames.

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No geek speed dating anime north, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, etc Submissions must be specific or relevant to Toronto.

This is an archived post. Please attack the point not the person. Geeks can try finding romance at geek speed dating where 13 guys and girls have 3 and a half minutes each to get to make a connection. Anime North's idea of "geeky": Your username is how other community members will see you. Log in or sign up in seconds.