Hook up fishing pole How to Set Up a Fishing Rod

Hook up fishing pole, step 1: gather your equipment

Hold the line with your thumb and pointer finger 2.

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You will quickly learn what your drag needs to be set to once you get out to the water and start fishing. Place the line around the reel once This should result in two "pieces" dating blog okcupid line they are still connected around the reel 3.

Collect, Buy, Sell, Trade. On most reels there is a line clip on the side.

Introduction: How to Set Up a Fishing Rod for Lure Fishing

However, it is not a durable strong knot, meaning it can loosen over time, making it possible for a fish to pull out the knot. Many times you can purchase a fishing rod that's already been strung with line, and you'll only have to put the tackle on.

Later on it will be less hassle and less of a chance of your line getting all tangled up while trolling or reeling in. Clip the line in here for now. Browse Trails by State.

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Freshwater Fishing - FishingLoft. This is an Instructable to help all the beginners of the great sport of fishing! While holding each piece in two different hands, cross one piece over to the other hand You should now have both hooks up fishing pole of line in one hand There should be a loose loop around your pointer finger The should also be a piece of line dangling from your pointer finger and thumb 3.

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You hook up fishing pole to use the lightest weight possible, just enough to get the bait down and held in place without the current moving it. So hang up the "Gone Fishin'" sign and go catch some fish!

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The purpose of using a slider is so that fish don't feel the weight. I am tying on a crank bait in the pictures, but you can use this knot on any kind of hook or bait.

Setting Up For Freshwater Fishing

Spinning Reel If you have not purchased your spinning reel, you should first research what kind of reel will suit your needs Here are informative sites from Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas to get you started You should also visit a near by Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, or Gander Mountain and talk to their fishing department to determine what reel is best for you Spinning Rod Often times spinning rods will be designed to go with specific reels.

The benefit of this knot is that it is simple and takes a minimal amount of time to complete. I would suggest a medium action fishing rod.