How do you hook up a remote starter Install a Remote Starter

How do you hook up a remote starter, introduction: car remote starter installation!

The key must be inserted to find the other 4 wires. My car never once worked properly with the feedback signal. The black wire went to chassis for 0volt. Easy for car thieves stalking her. The leds produce a backfeed that actually disables the remote starter!

The ground wire will be part of the starter and is often black.

About remote start installation

Items you will need Remote starter switch with alligator clips or clamps. Turn the key to the first position and the voltage should still read zero.

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If your vehicle has an antitheft system, make sure the remote start unit includes all the necessary components. It should read around 12V or the battery voltage constantly.

Verifying by turning off then back to accessories is necessary.

Step 1: Dry Testing the System.

Did this article help you? This comes in handy for conducting certain tests, such as compression or finding the high side of an engine cylinder.

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I wanted the same convenience for the wife and after 5 years she has given permission after seeing all the other improvements I have done on her veteran Hyundai trajet. Wrap the attaching wire around the stripped wire and solder them together using the soldering iron. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with electrical systems, do not attempt to install your remote starter system on your own.

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If you cannot remove the seat then slide the chair all the way backwards. Things You'll Need Utility knife. Remove the panel covering under the steering wheel. When testing the wiring with the battery connected, make sure you do not probe any air bag circuit. Get it checked out from a certified dealer.