Is asian dating com a good site Is / Legit Or Just A Scam To Make Money From You?

Is asian dating com a good site

September 8, at 1: Then again, the woman can just be stupid and her English level not so good. Dear men, bypass this site and such similar sites.

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But, if that was the case they would shut the whole shooting match down as it is just one massive scam praying on the lonely. There are many examples of these on the asiandate. We believe, though cannot confirm, that these are fake profiles set up by the company to pique men's interests.

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THIS is what happened 4 times after i booked call cost me nz dollars a call at different times of the year. However it is is asian dating com a good site and can become expensive if you are not carefull.

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As usual you can only send them a few lines and then you need to buy credits to continue. They are like politicians and beat around the question.

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Chats are cleared from the private info. I've recently joined here as i found chnlove now asiame was a massive scam.

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Profile picture of forum user "vintagekitchen" on the forums of www. However while I was on the phone to them worrying about that, the security officer goes "no problem don't worry about it, they have tried to charge the card three more times since we have been talking!.

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Again, most of the women in the photographs looked like professional models. However in both cases continued communication was sparce in this manner. I rarely however do open any of them.

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So it seems like the Kia Group now owns AsianDate. Not trying to be mean either.

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I have been using asiandate for quiet a while now, i had a first meeting in China, in Suzhou but the girl never showed up and a second one in Hengyang, there the girl showed up but she was absolutely not looking like on the pictures. I received detailed information, selfies, job related and casual pics taken locally and with others.


It is one of the most recommended online dating sites. The lady I am corresponding now with gave coherent normal answers from the beginning and was very different from the clear fake ones.

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June 21, at 4: The reason for this is we can not provide the man the lady's contact information or we would be in violation the International Marriage Brokers Act that was signed into law in You are middle-aged, well-off in life, and you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe. If after the first contact with any woman she wil not exchange private email address's and or phone numbers then it is a scam to make money. Thinking everything was now done and the site was in my rearview mirror, I basically forgot about it.

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