My daughter is dating another girl MY DAUGHTER IS POSSABLY BI-SEXUAL

My daughter is dating another girl

I hope this helps some. I am more upset now with her for lying to me when i confronted her than anything.

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I hope I am not offending anyone on here but I feel very strongly about this subject. It's been a roller coaster year and I definitely feel that we are at the bottom once again. People who harass others or joke about tragedies will be blocked. Don't push her just let her know that your there for herits just a thing a lot of kids are going through those day, god my daughter is married and i found out they are into the swringers thing but i learnt with her as a teenager's dont go daggers and horn as it only make it worse.

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Thought it would be good to give an update. My suggestion is treat this other girl like you would treat a guy.

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Well let your my daughter is dating another girl test it and she's if she likes dating girls cause I'm also bisexual. And in regards to my cousin, her girlfriend was apart of the family, they bought a house together etc,etc,etc That's all there is to it.

Most children will never show their true self to their parents for they are just wired that way. That point you should stress as well. I'm still not speaking to my daughter. It is very hard for me and my husband.

Should school-age children have best friends of the opposite sex? Texas 40, posts, read 44, times Reputation: Just don't make her feel bad about it, it's who she is.

Therefore, and according to the Bible, those who have sinned only need ask forgiveness, and mean it with their hearts, and they shall be forgiven.

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She now has no access to much of anything on the internet - no email, no youtube, etc and I watch her very carefully. It makes no difference to me personally. When I asked her about it I was stonewalled, but never denied.

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