Online dating spoof ‘Christian Tingle’, A Parody of Online Dating Site ‘Christian Mingle’

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As tempted as I am to just send Tami my credit card information or schedule a midnight meet-up in a remote neighborhood, something just doesn't seem right.

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Statistically speaking, with the high volume of these sketchy friend requests, it's bound to be that at least some of them are real people, right? I guess we'll never know unless we accept every suspicious friend request and engage in conversation.

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In the season premiere of the third season of Millennials of New Yorkwe take a look at some of the hardships and complications that characterize dating in the age of dating spoof media.

Is Miranda too naive about how people find love on the internet, or are we just too calloused by the digital age to believe that someone like Miranda actually exists?

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Is it possible we, as a society, have turned our backs on these lonely people? But what if, in this slew of fake, scam social media profiles, one of them really was a lingerie model earnestly looking to meet new people?

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Miranda can't understand why no one will accept her friend request on Facebook when she's practically naked in her profile picture.