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Kang Jun I assure you is not gay. The fact that you cannot control your baser instincts enough to be able to be friends with a woman without seeing her as a man shows how weak you are.

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I'm going to give you the last word and a chance to retain some modicum of dignity careful, it's all you have left. Appeared in To The Beautiful You I am a girl. He is good in playing piano as he went to Malaysia to study the instrument.

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KPop fandom throws around the word "scandal" way too easily. Usually kpop fans are spot on about plagiarism.

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BigBlueagain Also i took a couple of screenshots of you lying about being a girl and a guy to make a shitty ass point, so if you ever show your ass again around this site expect a visit: You're projecting "you are the one kang joon dating about abussive mothers, child abuse and mentally ill medicine".

What do you think about dating actor Seo Kang Joon? Alice reiterated, " It's nothing like that.

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Recently, Fantagio artists Hello Venus 's Alice and 5urprise 's Seo Kang Jun uploaded pictures of themselves drinking a beverage together, which was remarked upon during Alice's interview with media outlet, Newsen. I'm the girl, Blue is the guy and you're yet to be determined.

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How's that for "understanding"? I'm starting to feel guilty here, I think I'm mocking a retarded person. Home Biography Seo Kang-joon.

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It's to the point he doesn't call me noona. Please do not show this window again for a week.

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The program airs at 11 p. He studied Performance arts at Dong Seoul College. And what started this shit anyway? A guy will rarely call someone he likes a noona, the reporter said, but Alice smartly denied it and said their relationship is more of a hyung-dongseang relationship.

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