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Needless to say I got taken on this scam. Wannabe queens that is looking for Mr. Of course out os million people on it you cannot expect not to run into scammers, men posing as women, 50 year olds with movie star profiles etc.

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I personal am a pet player for over 5 years and purchased gold from them. Lets get real here. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Full of mind game playettes that want to hear men tell them what they can do for them!!! Sus M May 8, 4: He is a smooth talker. David Antosanti Is a fake. Connect with your social network account.


Met several nice people on it. The men I have met on the site are repulsive, very inappropriate and many are only after hookups. How tagged dating site scams does shipping take? They will buy the same pet that is worth nothing 5, times or more a day if someone kept buying it back and the other would buy it back. Most people on the photos are models and will probably never contact you on any dating service or through any IM. Reveal their Online Identities! How the hell am I supposed to contact you? That's just like the "Watts R" scammer that led me to Tagged in the first place.

COM requested an email sent to them from my mothers email account, which she did immediately.

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Not a very good website at all, but there are far, far worse out there see the reviews of POF on here, which I have also contributed to. She was not looking for a relationship but I have met her offline and she is a really great girl. When I did that, they expected a password but I don't have a password I seriously doubt it.

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One good point, I did meet one person who was legit. I have met about 45 people on there I talk to. My girl friend lives in Colorado and her picture is on tagged here in Tennessee? Who is online Users tagged dating site scams this forum: Soon as you log in you will see so and so bought your pet so and so and you made 12 profit off it.

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He says he is a Captain, but is wearing a …. Circle of Moms 3.

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Last edited by dee9 on Thu Jun 10, 1: I am deciding how I want to proceed. It's bad enough that people have found themselves victims of sweetheart scams scams where the con More fakes than real people and the admin never do anything about fakes. Can you believe this?