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Songs Hall of Fame. After considering all three relationships, Natalie chooses David and the happy couple will leave the island together.

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The women will be whisked away to a private jet waiting nearby and set off on an dating shows adventure. The show was cancelled mid-season. The pitch went something like this. T hat one guy who is now engaged to Jennifer Hudson?

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And none of the women know this. Because this family was entertaining as fuck.

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Their second season ended with two happy couples; however, happiness wasn't in the air for too long. Plus, it gave the world Tiffany Pollard and her infamous fight with Pumpkin. Charm School - Season 1. They all wore masks the entire time, so she would judge them based on their personality alone.

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Can we make her the next Bachelorette? The most interesting thing about Age of Love was that it was hosted by Mark Consuelos.

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Like, what are the real chances of THAT happening? The Pick-up Artist 2. Tough Love - Season 1. As in, he had two million in the bank.

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Although most can agree that the rapper isn't the most, well Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Why you couldn't stop watching: Each show starts by pairing 2 men and 2 women… until the big twist: Leave It To Stevie.

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Tiffany was just so over-the-top that you had to love her. Share On reddit Share On reddit.

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Okay, so, did you see this all?